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Welcome to V8 Insiders.com.au each week we will have the regular podcast along with some special stories and additional audio for you to enjoy.

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If V8 Supercars is your thing and you can’t get enough then don’t go ‘cold turkey’ get your fix with the V8 Insiders radio. Join your host Craig Revell and guests as they podcast straight to you every week from 6pm every Thursday. V8 Insiders is sure to top-up your tank with Supercar news, views and opinion between all the rounds.

1 thought on “Welcome to V8 Insiders.com.au

  1. Robyn says:

    HI Craig,

    Refering to the last show you podcast last Thursday April 15th 2010.
    YES YES YES I too would LOVE to see the orginal Group A V8 Touring cars come back to entertain us once again with all the the original drivers – now out of full time drives. There are so many of them and most still showing they have much talant left to give. And now we are about to lose the 90’s brat pack from the top level – McConville has already gone – hence many more are about to be available for such a series. There was no need before as the most talented could get to 50yrs before they were forced to retire. The price you pay for improving the pace of the series. Let alone those with talent who cant get a drive due to lack of personal sponsorship!!!
    I understand the financial logistical nightmare it would take revive the series but its nice to dream………… I do love the touring car masters it compliments the V8 Suprecars so well but yes Group A would be awesome alongside both those catergories.

    I also really do hope David White and the team at ONE get the V8’s back. They did such a better job. Even today TEN news carry out a much better job of covering V8 Stories, than 7’s news shows.

    Thanks – great show by the way too. We tune in every week


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